Vision and Mission


To be the leading service provider of financial and mobile solutions to innovate and enhance the lifestyles of people in South Africa.


Babereki strives to be the compliant innovator of lifestyle services to South African markets by creating a shared service delivery platform enabled by cutting-edge resources and technology.

Backed by stringent controls and legislative compliance, Babereki aims to entrench itself as a leading provider of lifestyle products and services to its targeted markets by continually developing customised product ranges to enhance its clients’ benefits.


Babereki is a Northern Sotho word which means ‘workforce’.

Established in 2006, Babereki Employee Support Services provides financial insurance and mobile products and services to meet the basic lifestyle needs of South Africa’s workforce.

We believe that by meeting these needs, the obstacles of daily stress and worry are alleviated, thereby enabling employees to focus on their work.

Our passion for people and our understanding of South Africa’s unique culture, demographics and work practices is testimony of our success in providing our products and services to some 25 000 contractors who work at various sites across the country.